ənˈkänSH(ə)nəbəl      adjective    Def.: Not right or reasonable; unreasonably excessive



Huge new development is being proposed for a forested ridge between Northstar and Tahoe’s North Shore. Two projects have been proposed, encompassing a large gated compound of luxury homes, a campground, RV berths, yurts, more than 6 acres of commercial, large new paved parking areas, bath houses, a swimming pool, and more. What this will mean to Lake Tahoe:


FOREST DEVASTATION. This will devastate the natural forested area, killing thousands of trees and permanently destroying wildlife habitat and migratory corridors. Additionally, with California in a state of “extreme drought,” the water shortage and severe fire danger are immediate and pressing concerns.


A POPULATION EXPLOSION ON A FORESTED RIDGE. Proposed development outlines a gated community of 760 luxury homes plus a 550-site “campground” plus associated infrastructure; this means a population the size of Kings Beach will be living and vacationing on the ridge.


INCREASED TRAFFIC AND POLLUTION. With thousands more people in the area, traffic and pollution will both increase. Kings Beach and Tahoe City are parking lots during the summer now; how much more can we reasonably expect this area to absorb? And imagine the traffic on Highway 267 during the years-long construction phase, as slow-moving, pollution-spewing construction vehicles clog the road and foul the air.


GREATER FIRE DANGER. As the old joke goes, there are three causes of forest fires: men, women, and children. Placing thousands of people at the top of an undeveloped, heavily forested area is simply a disaster waiting to happen. It will be difficult, if not impossible, for Basin residents to get out in case of a fire. Thousands of permanent residents and visitors will jam Highway 267 and greatly increase the danger for those who live at Tahoe.


Approving this ridgeline development would simply be unconscionable.