Brockway “Campground”: Top 10 Objections

  1. Using Yosemite’s limit of 2 cars and 6 people per campsite, there could be 3,300 or more NEW people atop a dry, forested ridge – that’s about the size of the entire town of Kings Beach.
  2. There is zero infrastructure on the ridge, meaning sewer, water, lighting, and more will have to be created from scratch.
  3. There will be a dangerous bottleneck at the Brockway summit, where both the Brockway “Campground” and Martis Valley West will be located. If you’re in the Basin during a wildfire situation, you will find it difficult if not impossible to get out as thousands of new cars clog the only road out of town.
  4. California has set a mandatory 25% reduction in water usage. How does a 25-year construction project, plus the thousands of new people who will be consuming water (not to mention a swimming pool!), fit into that?
  5. The “Campground” is smack in the middle of a wildlife migratory corridor (12 miles long) used by bear and deer.
  6. Many protected species, including the California spotted owl, live in this area. Their habitat will be destroyed.
  7. The “campground” will include a cafeteria, swimming pool, stores, RV berths, yurts, “eco-shelters,” and lots of pavement. This is camping?!
  8. As the old joke goes, there are three causes of forest fire: men, women, and children. With so many new people on a dry ridge, a forest fire is almost guaranteed.
  9. Noise and light pollution will affect all North Shore residents in the vicinity.
  10. Tahoe roads will become ever more crowded and choked with greenhouse gases as these thousands of new glampers visit the Lake












This Simulation shows what our dark night skies might look like after the Brockway “Campground” development is completed.